The QW Program – 5% total commissions


At QW we believe in honesty, integrity, and transparency in our transactions.  We’ve set a standard 5% total commissions to be paid per transaction; 2.5% to those representing the seller and 2.5% for those representing the buyer.  Our buyers pay the seller directly minus the 5% commission which is sent to QW and distributed amongst all the brokers involved.  We strive to make transactions as simple and open as possible.


Although we are a part of a new industry this type of standardization is common.  The greatest example is the real estate market commissions which are typically 6% and split first 50/50 amongst the agencies and then 50/50 again between each agency and their agent.  This model has worked successfully for real estate transactions worldwide for centuries.  We felt the need for some standardization after being offered commissions as low as 0.1% and seeing transactions fail because the total commissions asked were over 20%.


QW strives to offer a safe harbor for CBD transactions where buyers and sellers can feel confident they’re paying a fair price for a fair product; a win/win.  Our focus on standardizing transactions and commissions allows our buyers and sellers to gain back their most precious commodity, time.  Time to focus on building their product lines and do what they do best, what they want to do, and grow their businesses with less hassle and more profitability.

QW – The Agency


QW is the agency representing both buyers and sellers to ensure transparency in all transactions.  In the real estate industry this is called acting as a dual agent.  We work with buyer’s, seller’s and their agents to facilitate smooth, simple, and efficient transactions.  QW handles all the administrative work making it easier for our buyers and sellers to focus on their core business rather than sales and product acquisitions.  QW streamlines the process for buyer’s and seller’s agents in a secure format that makes it simple and safe for them to bring their contacts into the QW program and get paid in a timely fashion.