Quantum Wellness LLC (QW) was founded by Fred Kessler and J. Russell Thetonia.  Long term cannabis activists and growers Fred and Russ were lucky enough to be amongst the first growers on the East Coast to begin growing and distributing CBD medicines.  Both men began working with seriously ill patients and are strong believers in cannabis medicine.  QW was formed in early 2018 with the goal of connecting our cannabis network together to promote the growth of the CBD industry.  We created the QW program for brokering CBD biomass and isolate in order to promote a standardized rate of trade for this commodity ensuring all parties are treated fairly.

Fred began his journey with cannabis in 2004 a few years after being diagnosed with moderate to severe Crohn’s disease.  In 2007 he and his wife became cannabis refugee’s moving to Maine and purchasing the Grey Barn Nursery and Greenhouses, one of the largest wholesale plant businesses in Maine, in order to legally grow the medicine Fred needs.  Fred was one of the first registered caregivers in 2009 under the revised Maine medical marijuana laws.  He was one of the founding board members of the state’s largest trade association, Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine.  Fred uses cannabis products regularly and has achieved remission of his Chron’s with cannabis.  Both THC and CBD are integral part of Fred’s treatment and the treatment of the patient’s he currently grows for and those he works with.

Russ began growing in 2002 for pediatric epilepsy patients while working full time at UPS.  The combination of helping parents treat very ill children with a federally illegal substance and his work with a major corporation led Russ to activism where he was instrumental in campaigning the state for a medical program.  He formed a group called RICH – Rhode Islanders for Compassionate Horticulture which consisted of over 90 growers in Rhode Island who worked together like a union.  The members made sure when any of them took on a patient they would have what they needed to treat that patient from equipment and plant material to knowledge-based resources, those committed to growing for the neediest in RI had what they needed.  The group also provided public services to educate the community such as being the primary funding source for the Brandon M Austin Memorial take a kid fishing day.  In the summer of 2017 after his dear friend Mickey Martin passed Russ joined the Board of Parents for Pot, a national organization dedicating to the normalization of medical cannabis use, and a driving force in the cannabis community.

In early 2018 Russ retired from his long-standing career with UPS.  He moved to Florida with his sister who suffers from ALS and became her primary caregiver.  Never one to rest he stayed active in the community.  Long time friends who had worked well together as activists and leaders in the New England cannabis community, Fred and Russ formed QW.  Having been witness to some of the CBD trades going on in the industry they realized there was a need to bring the same standardizations from other industries to the growing CBD market.  They began the QW program and modeled it after the real estate market in terms of distribution of commissions to brokers, QW works to standardize broker commissions like any other commodity.  QW works to create fair trade amongst the growing, processing and retailing community by offering transparency from trusted buyer to trusted seller.

QW prides itself on honesty and integrity.  QW works hard with our team of Sales Representatives to make sure both the buyer and seller are comfortable with every transaction.  QW can provide an SOP and have resources to accommodate the depths of a contracted, escrowed transaction with third party warehousing, and are just as happy to work with your paperwork to complete a transaction.  QW feels honesty and transparency is the key to a successful and long-term relationship and work for that on every transaction.

Fred and Russ are available at any time and are happy to work with you personally to ensure your transactions are smooth and to your satisfaction.  Please feel free to contact either managing partner to learn more about how QW can alleviate the stress of these transactions so you can focus on your business.